Monday, April 25, 2011


Just wanted to post a few pics of my lover baby on Easters!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just needed to tell you that I fell in love with New York. I was able to go there (for the first time) for five days on a High School Fashion Design Trip (my mother-in-law is the fashion design teacher). It was beyond description in my eyes. I need to give you a lot of back-info, but because it is boring, I'll shorten it: I'm a people watcher/place observer and It was fascinating to watch this completely different culture going on. I guess you could say this was a big taste of what the world is really like.

First things first: I fell in love with the old buildings and the super high skyscrapers. I love the way they make you feel so tight and closed in (I know most people don't like that). You feel snug or cozy. :)

The fashion design schools we went to and the designers we met were insanely talented and very interesting. I think some of the girls were surprised at having so many gay men around them too. haha. But my favorite place was THE HAT SHOP. This lady has custom fancy hats all over and she told us about her business and then let us all try one on for a "photo-shoot". She was hilarious and very bright, not to mention she challenged the girls' thinking, which I think was refreshing and also good for their little hearts and testimonies (she made me evaluate some stuff too!).

I loved the culture going on around me and seeing people in a hurry to get their lives over with. It was surprising and also quite contrasting to the "po-dunk" life we sometimes live around here. I kept thinking: what is the purpose of these people's lives? Just to rush to work? Rush to shop? Rush to hang out with friends? NEVER SLEEP and then rush back to work? Truly, I had a life-changing experience watching all of these people in their daily lives. (But to save you some crazy long typing and metacognition, I will just let you email me if you want to chat about it!)

The subways were insane and we ventured out on our own a few times on them. They were really fun and quick...but easy to get lost on. We went to church Sunday and I had to lead everyone to the building (it was in the Temple! One side was the church, the other side the temple. Gorgeous!). I was nervous and messed up a bit but we got there with 10 minutes to spare.

We saw all of the tourist sites and classic New York things. I think the best part was we would see things from the movies everywhere we went. And they really were that beautiful, that amazing, that well-groomed (or not that well-groomed), and I was star-struck.

One thing I loved was going to Wicked on Broadway, meeting a Radio City Rockette, Rockefeller Plaza, little cafes and shops, and the night life. So fun. I bet we didn't go to bed before 1:30 any night we were there. It truly is the city that never sleeps.

I'm already saving my money so I can go back. So... who's with me?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Story In Pictures

***Preface to those who do NOT live in Utah.*** We have had some beautiful weather and Cache and I have been outside a lot the last week or so. But on Sunday, we woke up to the heaviest snow we have seen in a while. There was quite a bit of it too! Now you will see what I saw, as I started out to take a lovely picture of the barn across the street.