Monday, August 30, 2010


My little man is rocking my world right now. I love that dude. He has started sleeping 12 hours a night! I can't even believe my luck and sometimes I want to just scream with joy. Of course, now that I wrote this, he'll be up all night tonight, but I don't care. He is so fun. He can say "dog" whenever we see one or hear one barking, and he loves "cars!" He loves driving them, riding in them, and especially zooming them around the floor. He is so smart and oh so fun. Cache is such an ultra boy. He loves anything outdoors, noisy, and intense. He sometimes gets a little spooked, but not for long. He loves tractors, motorcycles, soccerballs, name it. I can't wait for him to start walking so that he can further explore his little world. xoxo love you Cache.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Website

I am trying to get things up and running with my photography. I have a website which makes me feel official. It still has some kinks and it is definitely far from perfect, but at least it is working for right now. It was a lot of work! It will take a lot of work to come too. That's ok.

One thing I've realized is that my style of editing isn't exactly what everyone enjoys. I've had to scale back a bit from the abnormal brights and funky finishes because most people aren't as "artsy" as that. I think it's good that I keep getting feedback and critism from others because, at least I hope, it will make me a better photographer and editor. Check the site out if you want and give some feedback (I think you'll have to do it here or on my facebook page). I have to keep my own style and flare to make this mine, but I do enjoy extra eyes catching things that I might not have noticed.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I was driving home today and I decided to stop by Krispy Kreme. I haven't had a doughnut FOREVER and I wanted a big DOZEN yummy tastes of one. I found myself with the box of doughnuts in my hands as I am pulling out, Cache asleep in the back seat, and I am selecting a marvelous Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled doughnut. I turned onto the road and took a big bite. I found myself giggling outloud in delight. The doughnut was that good! I can't believe food can bring me that much pleasure....but it does. I was acting like a four year old eating a krispy kreme for the first time. Rad. Release the inner child.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I'm always talking about "going to Wyoming" and I realized I have never detailed what that exactly means. Wes has to change the water in the various fields we own up there so that the grass keeps growing and the cows keep eating. :) Sometimes we move cows, sometimes we build fence, but most of the time...we just relax. I think I man the house so that an infestation of rats and mice don't take over. That's my role. We actually spend a lot of time up there since Wes's sweet Grandpa passed away over a year ago.

Then during the fall, Wes's whole family is up there enjoying the cooler weather. We work the cows and eventually ween them and send them back to Utah, so it's a big task. Wes's dad was up with us part of the week this week and Cache loved playing with him. When Wes and Calvin would go to leave, Cache would scream and bawl because he thought he was one of the big boys.

Wyoming will always hold a special place in my heart because it is such a HUGE part of our lives. When Wes and I were freshman in college, he took me to the Wyoming ranch for the first time. I think that trip was when I started falling in love with him. It was a rare thing to see an entire family working hard, side by side, and enjoying it! Plus, Wes was a real-life COWBOY! I continued to go with his family even when Wes was gone on his mission.

Then after we were married, the first summer we spent in Wyoming was magical because I was really a part of the ranch now. I learned how to open all the different kinds of gates which brought me great pride (though, now I come to think of it, I think Wes just didn't want to get off of his fourwheeler), I learned how to change the water and build dams, and I even tried my hand at roping a fake cow in the horse pasture.

My second summer I was GREAT with child and still enjoyed Wyoming, but maybe not as much. I was fat and huge and was terrified of the mice. I think it was because I couldn't move away from them fast enough. I'd have to tap two sticks together or make weird noises to scare them away so that I could go to the bathroom at night. But I still enjoyed being up there.

This summer was different again. Cache joined the ranks and we have had a blast with him up there. His wonder and awe remind me of my first time on the ranch. Wes is always telling me about stories and memories he has from up there with his cousins and family. I hope my kids have that same great memory pool to chose from. :)

Top Sixteen Things I love about Wyoming:

16. Wes helping me with dishes at every meal. We talk and laugh the whole time.
15. Rainstorms. I cuddle up in the house all day.
14. The Kirby vacuum. The thing's 4000 years old and it's sucking things up like it was built yesterday.
13. Lazy Mornings!
12. Jack the dog playing "peek a boo" with Cache while we are in the fields.
10. The mice (especially when they are in the trap)--We found one in the bathtub this time.
9. The air (sweet and usually mildly windy).
8. Time fades away. You don't know if you've been up in Wyoming for a day or six doesn't matter.
7. Sunsets, sunrises, sun days. Gorgeous view. Always.
6. Fourwheeler rides. We can spend hours together on the fourwheelers. Cache LOVES THEM! (he thinks he can drive, but his arms don't reach both handlebars!)
5. I actually cook good meals. I enjoy doing it.
4. I have time to tickle, snuggle, and play with Cache and Wes. All day.
3. Reading time! I get a whole book done when I'm up there.
2. Grandma Dolores' stationary. She has gold "C" seals that I can put on my envelopes, people!
1. A reminder that family and nature is a miraculous beautiful gift from God.

It's heaven. I truly love Wyoming.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tyler, Jen, Kaysia, and Ryder

I was fortunate enough to be asked to take my cute cousin Tyler's family pictures this morning. It was so scary because this one was "for real"...they actually wanted me to shoot their family pics. But it was also super fun because I was able to put my practice to work (and I guess to more practice too).

Tyler and Jen are seriously beautiful people. Tyler has the shyest, sweet smile. Jen has a radiant glow that makes every picture look amazing. They made two seriously beautiful kids. They have darling personalities and little spunk that only kids can have. As I watched them this morning, I kept thinking how innocent and wonderful they make life. They are simple and that is one thing that makes them so beautiful. Kaysia was driving in the car with me to the pictures and her parents were following in their car. She asked me, "Is my mama coming?" "Yes. She is right behind us." "Oh good. She is so cute. I just love my her so much." I could not keep from tearing up and the sweet love she has for her parents. Cute.

These are just a few of the shots that I took (there were 5 gazillion! Click here to see more) but I wanted to let you see a preview. I want to start picking up families, kids, couples, etc. so it's fun to have this little family's shots under my belt. I loved capturing their family in these pictures. I love the Pratts.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My little guy is big now. I classify one as big. I can't believe the miracles that have happened as far as getting Cache here and then watching him grow, progress, learn, and develop this last year. He truly is a healthy and amazing baby. Every time I see him I think of Heavenly Father and how much He loves us and wants us to be happy...the answers always seem to be in our children.

We had a little get-together for Cache's birthday. It was last minute and unorganized, but I have another year to get on the ball, right? The best part was Cache wanting to eat his candle more than his cupcake and his refusal to touch the wrapping paper and tissue paper (isn't that the best part?!). He is the light of my life and Wes and I feel like he has forever changed us for the better.

Happy Birthday Baby Cache! I love you.

Cool Things Cache Can Do Now:
Stand up for a few seconds on his own
Chew through a whole slice of Watermelon (YUM!)
Stand (and terrify his mother) in the bathtub
Blow bubbles in his drinks
Laugh out loud when Uncle Kade beat-boxes and makes him dance (Movie coming soon!)
Push trucks and cars around
Help mom with dishes
Give big hugs and kisses
Crawl faster than a crab on a hot day
Feed himself
"Read" books by turning the pages and slapping the people/things on the page
Go on tubes behind the boat
Stand up and turn around in the stroller (mom almost wet herself)
Drive the big truck and tractors with Daddy
Put his own arms in his shirts
Go on the fourwheelers
Carry a cheeto puff in his mouth from the kitchen to the family room. No hands!
Wonder what kind of madness Barney is while his mom tries to bounce him to the songs
Wake up three to four times each night. Still.
Type on the computer
Text people
Pull clothes out of the washer and drier (He's just trying to help I'm sure.)
(Un) load the dishwasher
Be quiet during prayers (most of the time)
Fill everyone who meets him with joy