Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ok...I'm not very domestic and I will be the first one to tell you that. Last summer, I was determined to make homemade pies and learn the finer arts of baking a few key things. I did this because my mother in law is an EXCELLENT baker and Wes loves all of the goodies she makes. I thought I might try to be a good wife. Of course, once school started last August I think I only baked two more times. That's life.

This summer, for a notch on my domestic belt, I have been trying to se w simple things in order to refine those skills. My mother in law (who is also an AMAZING seamstress) got me a wonderful Bernina sewing machine and so I have to use it every once in a while, right? Now, you must understand that when I say simple projects...I MEAN SIMPLE! :) I am still proud that I have made a few things though. I made a baby car seat cover that attaches at the handle to shade your baby with and I am making a little nursing cover thing that my lovely cousin Jen showed me. These things were very easy to make but I am still slightly amazed I could do it. :) My mom is an EXPERT quilter/sewer too and she has been helping me a TON! (She even re-ironed my seams because they were still too bulgy! Thanks Mom!)

Anyway...I'll post pictures once I put the finishing touches on these little items. If you guys have any other SIMPLE sewing projects...let me know. I think I might like this sewing thing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Worst Words (for shame)...

Ok--for all of you ladies who have been pregnant, are pregnant, or ever will be pregnant, you can appreciate where I am coming from. I had to go to the doctor yesterday for a check up and I think I heard the worst words I could have ever imagined. "You are at the weight we expected you to be at at the end of your pregnancy." Now maybe it is because I have always been athletic and liked staying fit, maybe it's because Wes was sitting there and possibly thinking: she IS a bit robust now that you mention it (he never would! He's the best hubby ever!); or maybe it's just because I am a girl--but I thought the doctor dealt a pretty good sucker punch.

So now I have to eat fruits and veggies as the bulk of my diet and I have to walk for 20 minutes a day, 4 TIMES A DAY! Holy Freaking Cow--I keep thinking--how am I going to get this chubby bubby body up and down the stairs in the morning, let- alone around town on a walk?! I mean--the baby is big and healthy and strong (thank goodness!) but he also is big and healthy and strong and bounces on my bladder like it's a trampoline! And beyond that--who really likes exercise enough to go 4 TIMES A DAY!?

I need to stop complaining, because I guess I could be 50 pounds over and Wes would have to roll me around the house and through the village-and I am really grateful our baby bean is so healthy-but isn't it so funny how in one fatal doctor's visit your blissful pregnancy can turn into an enrollment for a boot camp?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Hey! We rushed home from Wyoming last night to go to the play: Beauty and the Beast. Our good friend Sari is in the play and she did a great job prancing and dancing around the soaking stage. Besides a cute lady with a baby, Sari also played a delicately pressed napkin and a spunky, fungus colored rug that ran about the stage and did acrobatics. Needless to say, it was sweet. We had a ton of fun with all of our friends--including new baby Emery Brinkerhoff (sooooo cute!).

Then the fun really started, because the play was outdoors and it started to rain. Mck ran to his car to get a 40 by 40 tarp *(HUGE!) and all 5 couples fit underneath it nicely. The rain stopped until the last 30 seconds of the play when out of no where it was raining CATS AND DOGS! Seriously....the whole stages was a river! So Wes, Andrew, and Mck had this brilliant idea to go to the car with everyone UNDER the giant tarp and then we wouldn't get wet.

Imagine what people were thinking when they saw 10 pairs of legs under this ginormous tarp traipsing through the streets in the pouring rain. It was pretty funny and it was super smart actually. I am just impressed we didn't get hit by a car or something. :)