Thursday, March 24, 2011

Migraines... The Bane of My Existence

Here's the scoop. I am a victim of my own body. Haha. Sorry to be dramatic, but sometimes it feels like that. I suffer from severe migraines and I am not exactly sure how to get them under control. Some days/weeks/months/years are great and some are horrific. And I mean horrific. I vomit, lose my vision, have extreme pain, sensitivity to light and sound, numbing in one side or the other of my body, etc.

I know some of my triggers: stress, no food, no water, no sleep. I can control these things and I usually do quite well with balancing them. I also know that hormones reek havoc on my brain and that is something I cannot control.

So I am posing this question: What should I do? Anyone have advice? So far I've heard yoga from my mom and that is about it. Bring on the wisdom! I am looking for anything that I can do to get rid of these things once and for all (or at least cut them back) because they rule my life and take me away from important things (LIKE CACHE!). :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So...I think I need to confess a few things. This isn't like a sinner in church going to the preacher either. Just getting some things off of my chest in order to see things clearer. I think sometimes I need to reconcile what is realistic with what other people want or expect of me, in order to find peace. :)

1. I sometimes stay in my sweats all day long. When I say sometimes, this isn't once a month either. Try once a week. I love it. Even if I am dressed, I usually put on sweats around 5 or 6. Can't help it.

2. Instead of being the "perfect" housewife, I usually don't do chores all day. Cache and I read and play for most of the day. We cook and make a lot of messes and we laugh our heads off. And (gasp) I don't feel guilty about it. Or maybe I do. That's why I have to confess it sometimes....IDK.

3. Truthfully, Wes is the most honest and supportive man I have ever met. Ever. He makes me feel like I am the most on-the-ball, motivated, and talented girl in the world. Even when I am in my sweats playing in the mud with Cache. How did I get so lucky?

4. I love projects and crafts. I get super excited and motivated to do something and then I begin. I hardly ever finish something. It can take YEARS for me to finish a project. Imagine my house right now full of half-done projects....YIKES.

5. If I had my way, Cache and I would be with Wes working almost every day. I love being on the horses, in the truck, feeding hay, anything. As long as we are with Wes. It makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing something bigger than myself. Plus I'm outside, plus I'm with "the boys". Maybe that's why I like it so much.

6. I talk a lot and listen too little. Stupid mouth.

7. I LOVE root beer floats.

8. As geeky as this sounds (and it is geeky) I own a pen collection. I love pens. I get them for Christmas and Birthdays. When I go to a store that's my favorite isle (along with other office supplies). I even will wait around for an hour to get a free pen from a company I don't even care about. I JUST NEED THE PEN!

9. I have a problem with swearing. Wes is helping me out with this. Cache learning to talk is a great motivator as well.

10. Sometimes I miss teaching so badly that I want to cry...but then I would miss Cache so much that I would cry. Plus, I feel guilty when I am at work all day away from Cache. Is that normal?

11. I text about 4500 texts a month. OBSESSED!

12. Even if I am sad, I have a really hard time crying. I don't know what the issue is either. Sometimes it feels SOOO GOOD to cry.

13. My calling and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ mean more to me now then they ever have before. The more I reflect and realize the deeper meaning behind our Father's love and His purposes, the more I realize I need to step up and be more obedient. It's almost like a light bulb has come on and I recognize what I should be doing on a different level than I ever have before. I can't explain it. I just feel it. Oh well...I tried to confess this one. :)

14. I still wear my glow in the dark retainers at night. Wes has matching glow in the dark ones. We are the dragon-geek-nerd couple and we look hott in them.

15. As fun as it sounds, I can't jump on a trampoline any more. Cache destroyed my bladder and I have issues. Wonder what will happen after a few more kids. I'll have to wear pull-ups to the grocery store.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Din

My sister just got back from her mission in Virginia. I need to say that she is one of the best people I know. She came home with such a spirit about her (which I hope all missionaries do) but it's more than that. I just want to be around her 24/7 she is so full of what is right and wants to be better. She has goals and ambition, and most of all: the Spirit, so strong. I just soak it up...I forgot how good it feels to have the Spirit with you all of the time. I need to do better.

Lindsey is very witty and she can joke and laugh with the rest of us, but she has this peace and love around her. I think it is from serving others so well that she is now so calm. It rubs off. No one wants to offend that awesome feeling she brings with her. I was talking with her the other day and she said, "Everyone keeps telling me I need to do things on my own time. But, Nikki, I don't want to do it on my time, I want to do it on the Lord's time." Yes. I started crying! She is so good. She has helped me remember what is important and what I should be doing and focusing on.

Thanks're an amazing sister.