Monday, August 15, 2011


My baby is two. Can I be a bit melancholy? Two is not where I thought he would be. It goes so fast. Time races by every day. I get so excited that he is learning new things and doing new things, and then I stop and think: but he is growing and will not be doing the old things any more. I am beginning to see what parents say everytime: cherish this stage because it is gone so fast. And it is.

My Cache is my miracle. I sit here today with so much gratitude and love in my heart. He really shouldn't be here. We had so many complications....were almost positive that he was gone a few times. And yet, he is here. God has blessed my life with more richness, more beauty, more humilty, more joy than I could have ever done on my own. This baby Cache is a gift and I cherish Him. He is my light and my life. He is the reason I get up when I am sick, and the reason I stay up a few extra hours with him running around the house at night. I love being with him.

My sweet boy had a wonderful birthday. He walked around saying, "Two Two," all day and holding up five fingers. He loves his new "bi" (bike) and his many tractors and finger puppets.

I pray that I will always remember this little two year old and his funny quirks. Because I know tomorrow I will be sending him off on a plane to his mission and then watching him take his own beautiful bride to the temple, and quite honestly, I just can't stand the thought. Here are some pictures of his big day!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cache and His Bracelets

Cache loves my hair elastics! He calls them his bracelets and he puts them on his wrists and prances around with them. He will take them out of my hair every time I pull it back. He has recently started using them for other things too....