Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am such a 'tard

I was decorating my tree today. I couldn't find the little gold and silver hooks I use to hang the bulbs on the tree. I vaguely remember Cache running around with the bag and thinking, "That's sure cute. He's having Christmas Spirit." Rather than spend a whole $.98 cents to get a new box of hooks for the bulbs, I snatched the paperclip jar from the desk. Same thing, right?

Now I have bulbs hanging from the tree by multi-colored paperclips. Best part? I am putting the extra stuff and containers away and there sits the hooks, nestled in their plastic bag. NEXT TO THE TREE. Whatever. I'm not redoing the bulbs.

Friday, November 26, 2010


There are years that have pictures and years that have none. This is a year of pictures. I don't know why, but we are all in the mood to get our family pictures taken! :)

Wes's brother, Chase, returned from his mission a week before his other brother, Rhett, left for his. I think we needed to make the most of the family being together and so we took Crandall Family Pictures! Fun!

We had a beautiful gal named Lizzie take our pictures. I think that the funnest ones are the ones that captured our family in our Klim jackets. We love snowmobiling together, so it was fun to see us all together in them. I love this Crandall family that I married into! I am very blessed.

Our family in our KLIM snowmobiling jackets! SNOW BABY SNOW!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Whirl-wind Week!

Wow! This last week and a half (possibly two weeks..I can't remember) have flown by! We have had a lot going on in the Crandall family! First things first: Cache's Uncle Chase got home from his mission. He was serving in Indiana and he is fluent in their native language: NASCAR. We are so proud of him. The whole family (and some friends) went up to the airport to greet him.

Then we headed off to Disneyland for three days of fun in the sun. It really was a blast. Cache liked the cracks and gum on the pavement more than the rides and the characters, but we aren't complaining. The kid was an angel on the plane, in the park, and sleeping at night. Awesome! We had a blast going on rides and seeing the Christmas stuff taken out. It was VERY magical. No wonder I love that place so much!

Then we hustled home for a double feature in Church on Sunday. Chase had his welcome home and Rhett, Wes's other brother, had his farewell. Rhett is serving in the Dominican Republic West mission (I think I left the real name out. Sorry!). They both did a great job and we had a full house those few days.

Finally, Wednesday, we said goodbye to Rhett as he entered the MTC. We sure love him. He is a solid kid with a good heart and a strong testimony. I think he will do awesome on his mission. But man will we miss him! He was my little protector when we went snowmobiling. He'd stick with me and if I got stuck, Rhett was always the first one there to help me out. :)

What a great week. Now I need a nap! (And my mother-in-law needs a FEW!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I don't have pictures yet nor do I have any experiences, but when I get them after this next week, I'll TELL Y'ALL! :) I am in heaven. I am so excited. xoxoxo. Ciao.