Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kids say the Darndest Things

So you know how people will post funny things their kids have said on their blogs, and then we all read and laugh and wonder how life could be complete without funny kids? I don't have any kids yet, but I am going to post some of the funny things Wes says. His comments can produce laughs just like the little kids we love. Enjoy:

"That kid looks like Jackie Chan, except for his face."

"I can count the top ten 80's music hits on one hand."

(After receiving toilet paper) "You're my bum's life saver."

"It's so hot that my back has swass!"

(Regarding the baby weight) "You have only gained weight in your belly where that baby is! And in your hands when they get swollen. And in your feet. Man-your feet can get puffy!"


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is at student government camp

This is Wes--getting ready to rock it on the wake board.

Wow! He must be part black to get air like that!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out of Towners


We have been out of town for going on three weeks now and I am kind of getting sick of it. Sorry--but it is kind of nice to sit on your own couch, walk around your own block, and YES! Sleep in your own bed once in a while. On a more positive note, I will get some pictures up of our lovely adventures as soon as I am back in town long enough to do so. We have had a great time hanging out at Lake Powell with friends and family, taking my student government to Saint George, and going back and forth to Wyoming.

It's fun being with Wes all of the time. He is my bestest friend and he makes me laugh so hard every day. This summer alone, he has become famous (in my book) for his Ka Mata dance, his unique version of the "that's not my name" song, and his 7 dwarfs "dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig" song (high ho). What a champ. ANYWAY... small tribute to the main man in my life.

Baby is getting bigger and he wiggles like crazy. I love it. I think he is 7 feet tall because I can always manage to feel him in my ribs, on one side or another, and on my bladder ALL AT THE SAME TIME! :) He's pretty much like a super baby or something. Love you all!