Sunday, February 27, 2011


Wes and I went with the Farm Bureau to Florida this year. We were taking classes on improving the ranch. Was it a blast? Yes. What is more attractive than a bunch of farmers, ranchers, and dairymen in their wranglers, boots, and ball caps? :)

Truly though...I've never been to Florida like this and it was fun. We met some great friends and had a blast going to the different amusement parks. I have to say: Disney world, overrated. Universal Studios: Rockin. I LOVED HARRY POTTER WORLD! It was amazing and they did such a good job with the candy, shops, souvenirs, and RIDES! It was very authentic. The pictures in the castle talked to each other. Dumbledor moved around and lectured us. Remarkable. They had magic wands, crazy candy, and butterbeer (amazing!). The dragon challenge ride was my favorite. I dragged Wes on it over nine times. Sick! If you haven't been there...make it a goal. GO NOW! :)

I am an Adrenalin junkie so this was my favorite part: HUGE AND CRAZY roller-costers. So fun. are some pics.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My little Cowboy

The debate between Nurture and Nature has been on-going for sometime in the education world. How much of a child's personality, likes, dislikes come from his surroundings and how much just comes with him?

I have to say that I am a strong believer in the nurture aspect of a child and so I try to be more careful with how I act, what I say, etc. But this little Cache has challenged some of my beliefs. The kid is a cowboy by Nature! :) He loves being outside, chasing cows, clomping on horses and four-wheelers, riding in tractors and backhoes (which he can now say very well). The kid was born to be on the ranch. I love him so much and I can't get enough of his little adventerous spirit.