Monday, January 25, 2010


Hey all.

I need some help. I am just four pounds away from my pre-Cache weight and I am super excited about that. belly is still disgusting. I don't want anyone to vomit, so I will spare details, but it is just a lump of lard that I cannot tame! I cannot figure out how to look like everyone else who had a baby and manages a nice firm body. So, I am trying to ellicit some workouts/suggestions/ideas from you all on ways to get that toned look again. Be brutal and honest. (Please don't suggest a triatholon, Melissa. I just don't want to do that!)

I don't know if I'll have the time or will-power to try them, but it'd be nice to have them in my tool-belt (a tool-belt that fits a nice toned tummy!). Loveage!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you want to laugh? a few months ago, my student government started a fundraiser for the Make A Wish foundation. I am really attached to this organization and I believe strongly in it, but that story is for another entry. I was super excited because our junior high raised over $2000 which is an amazing amount of money!!

One of the incentives for raising money was a "Dare" assembly. I might have blogged a little about this earlier--but for certain amounts of money, people had to do different things. We had things like: eat a cow's tongue, shave your head, sumo fight in a fat suit, jump into a pool of pudding, etc. My friends Paige and Britney agreed to do a dance with me if the kids earned $800. Guess what the song was?

Yep...that's right.... All the Single Ladies by Beyonce. And of course, they raised we had to shake it for the whole school. One of my awesome students from student government, Alex, is a cheerleader, and she made up the dance for us because the actual one is not appropriate for young (or old) eyes. :)

I guess some brave student took out her phone and video-taped us while we were dancing! So if you want to laugh...check us out on YouTube. It's a side view...but you get the general humiliation. Xoxox

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I sure hope this year doesn't go as fast as 2009. I swear I just barely celebrated Christmas and New Years for that year. I was really sad that the break went so quickly, but it was sure fun. Wes, Cache, and I went to Saint George over New Years with our good friends: the Brinkerhoffs and the Condies.

We had a great time while the boys golfed, because we ladies (and babies) were able to just chat, eat good food, and do a little shopping. The babies were fun to play with for two days too! (I didn't have to drop Cache off--I could see him all day!) While Wes tuckered out at 8:00 pm on New Years, he still woke up at midnight to smooch me and then fell right back to sleep. The rest of us played games and enjoyed the hot tub while the New Year came in. Thank again Condies and Brinkerhoffs! We love ya.