Monday, April 26, 2010

An Easy Project

Hey Y'all,

Saturday I got together with Cass and Dani and we made these easy cake stands/ treat stands. It honestly took five minutes. The longest part was buying the dishes and then letting the calking dry. and they are cute. So here's what you do:

1. Get a plate/platter you like
2. Get a matching cup/mug/ice cream dish/etc that will fit on the bottom of the plate and could hold it up. This will be your stand once you attach it.
3. Get clear calking from Lowes or Walmart.
4. Attach the cup to the plate with the calking (clean off excess before it dries) and let dry overnight
5. Make a huge batch of cupcakes or cookies and give away (or make a cool decoration in YOUR house).

If you've already seen these, I know I can be behind the times. If not...enjoy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Correction: three teethes

I found one on top! That explains his mommy mode. :) (he likes me best when he's sick!)

Cache has teethes

Guys! Cache has two teethes (teeth-is). He is very good at chomping everything and it makes him even more cute! (Plus, we have had the pleasure of visiting all night for the last few weeks as they were breaking through the skin.) As soon as I can get him to hold still and open his mouth I'll post pictures. Man is this little guy active! He is squiggly and learning to move all over the place. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Alien in the Cupboard

What is it? You may ask. It could be a very modern decoration for the house. It could be a new type of Japanese plant to use in the garden. Or it could be my long lost sack of potatoes. I opened the pantry the other day (forgetting that potatoes were even in there) and screamed! This alien was growing right by the door. I'm not lying when I tell you I am terrified of the things that grow on potatoes. When my mom used to have me peel potatoes that just had little ones, I had to put on the cleaning gloves from under the sink to even touch them. They were NO WHERE NEAR the size of these tato arms. They freak me out.

So imagine how horrific it is to see this alien potato factory growing in my pantry. I have to shut the door. Wes keeps forgetting to get it out, so I am afraid that in the middle of the night we will all be suffocated and colonized by this alien plant. This just shows you what a wonderful cook and house keeper I am.

Speaking of keeping house: I was vacuuming today and Cache was fascinated/ worried about the vacuum coming closer to him. I could NOT stop laughing as I watched his worried face whenever the vacuum would come near. He just watched it and then would jump whenever it got a little louder. I think this vacuum is his alien potato bag.