Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blessing Day!

Today was such a beautiful day! Wesley Cache was blessed in our ward today by his daddy. It was a really special meeting because my grandparents from Arizona came up to be a part of this. Wes did such a good job on the blessing too. He had really thought about what Cache needed and the young man that he will be one day and he gave a beautiful blessing. I must say that this little guy looked very handsome in his white suit too (we just kept praying that he wouldn't poop through it!). Then he was passed around all day long to various loved ones and friends.

Wes and I have been so blessed by good friends and family. They support us in all of the things that we do and we love them all so much (that includes the Condies, Petersons, Williams, Olesens, Lewis' fam (I can't make that plural), Crandalls, and Chandlers--just to name a few. We honestly love and appreciate everyone..we just can't name you all! :) ). We love all of our friends so much and we appreciate their support. Our family is by far the best too. We love them and appreciate the hours of service they give to us. We are truly blessed. We love you!

Monday, September 21, 2009


This is Grandma Nila (my grandmother) with Cache.

Cache is getting so much bigger and I just love staring at him (and kissing him and snuggling him etc etc etc). I just wanted to post some more pictures of all that he has been up to. You will see that he has plenty of admirers from both sides of the family. It's funny because we can't decide who he looks like day he is like me, the next like Wes (he can also change in a few moments time). :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Adventures of Mommy and Cache (and Dad)

Hello. This has been quite a week of adventures for the Crandall Clan. One day, while Wes was at work, he found a dead cow in the field. This is the 5th dead cow in 10 days, so Wes and his dad needed to take it to the lab to see what the problem was. So Wes came in and asked me if I wanted to go on a little ride. I'd been in the house all day, so I said YES!! Little did I know he was recruiting me for corpse duty...

So we pack Cache into the truck and we start down the road. Then Wes starts explaining that he will get in the tractor and I'll follow in the truck and he'll just load the cow up and we'll be on our way. Ok...I thought we were just getting out of the house--but this is the way most of our adventures start.

Well, we finally get to the field where the cow is. Cache has been snoozing peacefully. Wes hooks these enormous chains to the dead cow's legs. Now mind you, this cow is bloated!!! He heaves the beast into the air and proceeds toward the truck that Cache and I are in. This huge, dead, dangling cow is bobbling towards us and I just kept thinking, Please let this fit in the back of the truck. Wes lifts the cow up and tries to get it into the bed. Her limp, dead head keeps whacking the tailgate and I am dying. I just know she won't fit and her head is going to get stuck somewhere on the top of the truck.

Finally, Wes succeeds in getting the cow into the bed of the truck. Let me remind you--she is bloated and all of her legs are poking out in different directions from the bed. So here is a mother and her child barreling down the road, with four giant legs and hoofs wobbling at passerby's. People are gaping as we drive past. This is just the beginning my friends... Now, the stench is quite remarkable. So much so, that Cache starts screaming his head off and I am gagging. Now I am trying to balance a tippsy bloated cow that is rocking back in forth like a turtle stuck on her back, and shush the baby. I can't wait to get out of the truck. So much for "getting out of the house." Now do you see how tough we are? We are cowboys and we start our kids off early. :)

Then....we went to Wyoming for the first time with Cache out of the belly. He did really well for a long car ride. He slept the 3 hours (with a brief pause for nourishment), and then just chilled up in the beauty of the ranch. It was a good week. Cache has started doing this hilarious face as he looks around and tries to figure out the world. In this picture, he looks like mini-me doing his little face. :) We love this little guy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Belong with Me...

(I captured Cache doing the ASL "I love you" in his sleep!)

I don't know if many of you are Taylor Swift fans, but in my family, we really are impressed with that down-to-earth country gal. Lindsey, my missionary sister, listened to Taylor 24/7 and my brothers and cousins (who are like brothers) are always fighting over who is going to marry her. My little cousin Sadie, who is 5, has been singing Taylor Swift for a couple years now, and it's amazing that someone THAT small could know full songs-word for word. No lie.

Well today I came home from an errand and my mom was sitting next to Sadie who was holding Cache. It was the most precious thing because he was fussy and then she started singing Taylor's song: You belong to me.. Cache settled right down and snuggled up against Sadie and went to sleep. It was darling! Family is the best and I am so grateful for them!

The longer I am with this amazing little boy (which is a month tomorrow!), the more convinced I am that he belongs with me and that I have known him a lot longer than just these short months when I carried him and now have him here. It is extremely spiritual looking at your child and seeing eternity. I want nothing more than to be with my family for time and all eternity; it is so important and it means so much to me.

Love you all!